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Fixing the resume after poweroff (S5) issue on Clevo w740su on AC power

I ve figured out that there was a fix for the USB3 driver in Linux that causes the Laptop resume after poweroff. You just put the following after the linux kernel boot parameter in grub2 configuration file:


Disable the remote control polling to avoid crashes on programme change

I do not know why, but there are some circumstances you can crash the DVB-T adapter anyway, even with that new firmware the problem is that it does not happen often, only time to time and thus is very hard to debug. Because you never know when the problem will show up. However, I came through testing to that conclusion that it is better to disable polling for remote control. I do not have any, so there is no loss of functionality so it does not do anything bad. You just rule out another possible cause. So put the following into your /etc/modprobe.d/dvb_usb_v2.conf file:

options dvb_usb_v2 disable_rc_polling=1

New firmware fixes problems with AverMedia AVerTV Volar Black HD (A850) or compatible

I discovered a problem with my AverMedia AVerTV Volar Black HD (A850) that it kept on crashing on channel switch. It was not happening all the time, so I did not think it would be a problem, until today, when it became annoying to me because it crashed too often. First I did check if it is not getting too warm or so, I disconnected it and plugged it in again, and after ruling out all the possibilities I began to think that the device has a more serious problem, it might even be completely broken. Nevertheless it is a few years old so it would not surprise me much.

I discovered on the Internet that there is a new version of the firmware around. The version that I used before is the version number - - which was the latest one according to my knowledge. But now I know that there is a newer version - - around.

You can download the latest version here.

To me it fixed this problems and I have not been successful in crashing it again. However, it seems to be more stable than the old one (or maybe the latest Linux kernel driver is counting on this newer version and therefore crashes with the older one when some functionalities are triggered).

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